Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chocolate Pantry

We have immediately run into a bump.
We want to come up with a Chocolate Pantry.
You know, things you will always have on had so you can whip up something chocolately at the drop of a hat(and I have lots of hats!).

We decided it needed to have:
*assorted chips
*assorted chunks
*assorted coco powders
*milk, lots of milk
*European or home churned butter (Alton Brown says its good for baking)
*powdered sugar

But we got bogged down.
What chips and chunks do you always keep on hand?
We agreed Only on simi sweet chocolate chips as necessity.
White only for special recipes (which just including them shall earn us the wrath and disdain of my sister.) so no need to keep on hand.
But we disagree on whether dark chocolate is one to keep on hand.
I prefer dark chocolate. I find it very satisfying...milk chocolate makes me thirsty.
Raven disagrees.

Currently we have Dark coco powder, simi-sweet chocolate chips and mini chips.
That is why we need to expand it!

So what would you keep in your Chocolate Pantry?

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