Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chocolate Mouse Torte

I realize it has been a REALLY REALLY REALLY really long pause in our chocolate adventure.
That would be mostly my fault. I didn't want chocolate while I was sick.

We did make a chocolate dessert over the Holidays. I saw the recipe on the back of a box of cookies that were left in the break room at work.
So I made it.

The first one was for a friend who is diabetic. We may have caused some sugar shock, but she seemed to like it. It taught us some lessons.
Oh wait! I haven't even told you what I made!

Well, I didn't take a picture of it at the time, but this is the one the cookie box had:
You see why I HAD to make this?

Since you probably HAVE to make it now the recipe can be found at Kraft.com

When I made the first one I made it on a Sunday night with the intention of delivering it the next morning. Instead it was delivered on Tuesday night. The cookies got all soft. I don't think they thought that was yucky, she seemed to like it...but I still agonize over that error.
As she is diabetic I made it with sugar free jello and whipped cream, and fat free cream cheese.
The chocolate shavings on top were not sugar free though. Instead of berries we used crushed candy canes! (yes, more sugar)
Of course the top went a bit flat because we had to deliver it, but the presentation was still nice-ish.

Now when I made it for us as our Christmas Dessert I made it the same day, so the cookies were still crisp. Again we didn't top it with berries, do you know how hard it is to find fresh berries at Christmas?! Shaving the chocolate was an adventure! I had never done it before and I suggest putting your peeler and the chocolate in the fridge or freezer on a regular bases. I must say I loved licking all the chocolate off my hands when I was done, reminded me of a messy childhood :)
Anyone have any tips for shaving chocolate?
It was fun! I want to do it again!
only... maybe with more chocolate shaved then on my hands.

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